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The purpose of this guide is to let you know about the parts, principles, and some of the critical procedures that comprise a successful change from one engine to another.

Some of you might be thinking, Engine out, engine in-what's so difficult about that?

This in-progress Windsor swap we found at Extreme Automotive features a 76mm turbocharger and ACCEL DFI engine management system.That's when Chris Whitney of Galpin Auto Sports dropped FRPP's Boss 302-a carbureted, stroked, pushrod engine-between the fenders of an '06 Mustang GT and retained all of the 'Stang's OEM accessories.In the time that's passed since our March '07 cover story on this ride, we've come across a few S197s with some wicked engines underhood.The sense of accomplishment after a successful swap is a great reward for your hard work.There are a lot of pluses in taking a 'Stang to the next level with a different engine, as you'll see in the collection of notes we've assembled and the awesome examples of completed engine-swap projects that are featured in this issue.

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Horse Sense: "Modular" in the popular term "mod motor" refers to one of Ford Motor Company's operation protocols.

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