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Women who post selfies could be inundated with come-ons from the majority-male user base.Imgur does have a “mini-team around spam” plus a content moderation squad, Sarah says.And chat generates notifications so trash can attract the immediate attention of any user, rather than only hitting the grizzled hardcore users that comb its user submitted section for gems.If Imgur doesn’t get a handle on these problems, they could spiral out of control, regardless of whether the startup considers this an early “minimum viable product” beta version of chat.Imgur is full of power users, with 82% spending over 3 hours a week on the service as of last year.And after being bootstrapped for five years, it’s only raised one funding round of million in 2014, led by Andreessen Horowitz.

The question is whether Imgur can keep these private channels from turning into sewers.Users are free to send links that could lead to scams and shopping sites.There are no granular noise-reduction tools beyond blocking people individually that send unwanted messages, or turning off notifications entirely.With the 2015 launch of Sponsored Post ads still gaining steam, Imgur lacks deep pockets like other social networks that can throw legions of product designers and engineers at new features. Imgur doesn’t have a serious anti-spam and harassment system in place to fight abuse of its chat product, and seemed unprepared for some of the scenarios I asked about.Anyone can send anyone a message without the need to “friend” each other, and there are no defined message sending limits in place.

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And you had to proactively visit someone’s profile to see what they’d recently shared.

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