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The script, credited to a trio of writers (Paul Hernandez, Bob Schooley, Mark Mc Corkle) succeeds at the tricky task of lampooning a genre while also becoming an entry.

The writing is sly and knowledgeable, and chock full of "in" jokes and witticisms in categories ranging from character names ("Warren Peace" - say that aloud) to set design (Bat-poles) to throw-away lines (Lynda Carter saying, "Who do you think I am? ") No, this isn't Tolstoy, and despite the "Warren Peace," it's not intended to be.

Sky High is funny, smart, energetic, subversive, and has a few substantive things to say.

There's nothing on director Mike Mitchell's dismal resume to indicate he was capable of crafting such a welcome diversion.

In costume, they repeatedly save the day, while hiding behind their secret identities as mild-mannered real estate agents.

Better-known actors like Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston, and the always welcome Bruce Campbell miss few, if any, notes.

And Kevin Heffernan has a small part (as bus driver Ron Wilson) in which he channels John Candy.

But it is perfect for the mood of the film, which is one third comedy, one third action, and one third drama.

And, with no sex or profanity, and only a little in the way of cartoon violence, it's appropriate for the whole family.

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And what happens when Commander and Jetstream's arch-enemy hatches a diabolical plan?

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