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Watching myself on TV was definitely very humbling. I remember calling up producers and telling them that they had ruined my life and that I could no longer leave my house, because I couldn't walk into a Starbucks or a CVS [drugstore] without people looking at me like I should be in jail for screaming at her. Then she became the villain, and the next episode after that, I started getting fan mail because of it.

First of all, we didn't have very much time to get ready. My grandmother was sending moisturizing cream to me saying, "if you keep making so many faces, you're gonna wrinkle up before your time." PR.com: When you watched yourself on The Apprentice, did you say, "Ok, that's Katrina," or did you look at the screen and say "Who is this person that I'm watching who looks like me?! So, it made me realize that the public switches so quickly and that your persona is completely up for grabs.

Katrina Campins: And I studied International Finance and Marketing.

" Also, I'm just very competitive with myself more than anything. PR.com: Well, I've done research on you, and you went to the University of Miami, where you had a 4.0 GPA throughout your college career.

He loves to have fun and party, which you would never know PR.com: No, I would never have known that.

Also, I'm sensing a warm soft side to you that I didn't pick up on while watching The Apprentice.

She would always tell me that education is the one thing that no one can take away from you.

Katrina Campins: In high school I would say that we fought like cats and dogs. PR.com: So then her voice became your internal voice as you got older. I actually just convinced her to come and work with me at the company, and it's really scary how much I resemble her.Amy actually said, "I think everyone came off the way they really were except Katrina and Kwame." And people asked her, why do you say that?And she said "Kwame is such a bright guy but he's also so much more fun then they portrayed him." Kwame and I are very close and I always tease him because I say, "if people didn't know you, they'd think you're such a straight arrowed boring creature," and really, he's intelligent, he's got his head on straight, but he's also A LOT of fun and a caring, caring person.During our lengthy conversation, I discovered a young woman who is extremely bright and almost too driven for her own good. Katrina Campins: It's interesting because most of my friends, I would say, had the whole college experience.I also found her to be very sweet and vulnerable, a quality that I didn't see on The Apprentice. And I can honestly tell you that I didn't because I spent most of my time in the library.

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PR.com: Do you think that the other cast members, including Omarosa, came off the way that they were in person, or do you think it was the magic of editing that created a lot of those personas?

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