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At the time, he was a black teenager attending the same private Christian school as the wealthy white Tuohys' daughter and son.Growing up in Tennessee, she was particularly close to her grandmother from her mother’s side, who used to live with them in Memphis.Tuohy also contributed to her parents Sean and Leigh Anne’s New York Times best-seller.Even Tuohy starred in Family Addition along with Leigh Anne Tuohy, the network dedicated to uplifting entertainment. He is the brother of Demolition producer & Black Label Media co-founder Molly Smith.Nor did he write it to compete with In a Heartbeat: Sharing the Power of Cheerful Giving, the 2010 best seller from his adoptive parents, Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy.

to baking, bedazzling, public speaking and piano, Collins Tuohy of Whimsy Cookie Co., exhibits limitless energy, creativity and spunk.

She also portrayed by Lily Collins in the 2009 film the Blind Side. After being together for eleven years, they tied the knot on 2016, in Memphis, Tennessee in April.

Their wedding was a two-day affair, one was a more intimate dinner celebration with close friends and family, while next day was a big blowout party.

I had no idea how adding one person to a family could make such an impact. There have been no minuses when it comes to Mike (Michael Oher) or the movie, no downside, honestly!

but the message that our family is so passionate about: that everyone has value and families don’t have to match.

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