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But the Yanks could do a LOT worse than copy the basic ideas of our health service.LIFES SIMPLE, PEOPLE COMPLICATE ITHaving suffered from a brain tumor my self.But fall over tomorrow and break a shoulder or an arm with complications or get a major illness or problem and your personal demands will change."Personal demands" are really not an issue - the NHS provides care to us when we need it. Like some, my use of the NHS has been infrequent ............If it wasn’t for the NHS and it’s next day action, of removing a brain tumor which my doctors had failed to diagnose. Thou, with a revamp of way things that are conducted, might help solve some of the issue's the NHS faces.One could say, I might not be in a situation to respond back to this thread. One of our biggest problems is the cost if drugs, which maybe, we should think about doing this under the NHS wing.When she had a sever stroke just prior to her death, again the care was fantastic.

Through in the fact that the NHS is regionalised and therefor doesnt have the same buying power when it comes to everything from food to uniforms, and bedding to medicines, and those simple ideas MIGHT be a start to getting the NHS back up to scratch.

I am pleased your son was well treated; I hope your insurance to reimbursed the hard put NHS so they will not have to refuse treatment to yet another UK resident who has paid into our system all their lives. The poster has lived here for 15 years and quite possibly has been paying NI that whole time There is a good chance the father of the child is from the UK and has been paying NI his whole life Or ...

you could realise that this child was most likely born here and has as much right to medical treatment as mine or yours or anyone else's and why on earth should the poster have insurance to reimburse the NHS? I have worked for NHS, in the IT department, but have also been a patient (numerous times), when i was at 19 years of age.

I have had two relaps, where the shuntun was not right, and the second a couple years after.

Each time they have treated me as good as the first.

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