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Next you’ll want remove any corrosion with double 00 aught steel wool.

You can use sandpaper, but steel wool will follow the contours of the fixture a lot better and offers enough abrasive let the new paint stick.

So, in reality, this project was born out of the fact that I just had to prove him wrong.

These are the three things I used for this process.

To paint without removing the fixture, mask the surrounding sink and vanity to protect it from stray paint.

In Shabby Chic-style rooms, light fixtures and intricate dresser knobs in whitewashed brass or gold have an ethereal, vintage appeal.

Verdigris light fixtures harmonize in white kitchens or in rooms with a palette of charcoal grays with mint green accents.

Based in Franklin, Tenn., Anya Deason has more than 15 years of decor-related experience, assisting leading interior designers and owning a custom frame shop.

Alternatively, create a whitewashed finish on a smooth surface with successive thin washes of white paint.

Brass light fixtures weather quickly out in the elements, so repainting them is a quick, inexpensive way to revive them.

Start by turning off the power to the fixture at the circuit breaker panel before removing the mounting screws.

The whitewashed look is easy to achieve by rubbing on white paint, then wiping some off quickly.

Opaque paint gathers in the recessed portions of the light fixture or hardware, while protruding details reveal glimmering bits of gold or brass.

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Brass is a yellowish gold, so a gray wash with violet undertones provides complementary contrast, as violet and yellow are situated across the color wheel from each other, whereas paint washes in matte blue gray or green gray complement orange-gold light fixtures.

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