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(for PAL and NTSC-U), and Return of the Jodi (for all). These work with almost every Homebrew app out there. System Menu 3.3 came with an unsuccessful attempt to block the Twilight Hack and a successful attempt to block booting of modified/fakesigned discs.Which installed new versions of all IOS to block the Trucha Bug.While not a hack in itself, the Homebrew Channel is the first homebrew loading interface that does not require any other software or hardware to run.Installation, however, requires the ability to run either the Twilight Hack, fakesigned discs, or Bannerbomb.NOTE: IT'S STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU DON'T ATTEMPT TO DOWNGRADE YOUR Wii's FIRMWARE.The methods used to do this are risky and often illegal.

In other words, non-Korean Wiis gained the Korean IOSes, and Korean Wiis gained IOSes previously unavailable from system updates (such as IOS31).The Hack Mii Installer v0.8 includes all these changes.Update: In August, Team Twiizers has found an exploit using the Wii message board, called Letter Bomb. This update does not affect any homebrew except a little-known pirate exploit.Most Wii homebrew can still be loaded via HBC, but any apps that rely on Fake Signing will not work.This includes: System Menu 3.4 removes the Twilight Hack on every boot.

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