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The concept is about getting men and women to come together to solve this problem of female representation in television, in movies, pop culture and media.”How do they plan to make this happen?

“We need to empower not just the actors in front of the camera but also those behind the camera.

“I am certainly much more comfortable with myself now, at the age of 32.

I really don’t crave external validation as much as I did when I was younger and more naive. I’m proud of what I’m putting out there, be it my brand associations, films or television roles.” Dating 101She sips and savours her Scotch, stylish and self-assured.

So instead of letting anger rule, it’s about going, ‘Okay, I need to take this calmly and find another way around it’.

” When asked to describe herself, she says, “How do I see myself?We want access to the best of the best that the male directors, producers and writers already have access to,” she says.“We’ve launched as a non-profit fund – and it’s NOT a charity. It’s going to be a 15-year to lifelong commitment.”The urban nomad That’s a big commitment for someone who calls herself the ‘urban nomad’!But there was never any particular moment when Freida Pinto felt that she’d arrived.The arrival“You see, I came from this really small film that unexpectedly blew up.

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