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The movie just wrapped yesterday, so confirmation should be coming soon as to whether Jiro (or another actor) will be stepping into the role vacated by Wu Zun.Fahrenheit members Wu Chun, Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen attended an opening ceremony of their good friend’s hair salon.I will definitely want to have a girl in future.” Wu Chun teased him back, “I will consider you [as my son-in-law] if you still remain single after 18 years!Our COOL Wu Zun, really loves to eat alot, but as he is a fitness trainer, he is able to maintain his body well.After admitting to his married status, Wu Chun (吳尊) further revealed that he and his wife are now expecting a son.

Recently, on the sets of drama Sunshine Angel, Rainie yang was accompnying Zun as his eating mate.She was scared and decided to start dieting and get back to 45kg in a short amount of time. Rainie replied: “Never thought of dating a handsome guy.He is perfect, nothing to pick on.” She expressed their relationship does got better and they get along well. Apparently GTV is furious, but Wu Zun’s publicist lays the blame on the repeated delays by GTV to start production, as well as a consideration that Wu Zun wasn’t right for the role of the perfect robot boyfriend.Word on the street is that GTV is hoping Jiro Wang will step in for Wu Zun, and I’m of a mixed feeling about that.

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